Why are Android users considered “Cheap”?

Why? Why, I ask you, why? Okay, so when I got my Samsung Galaxy Note II, I loved it. I wasn’t used to the screen size, but at this point it is so easy to use for me, and even the Samsung Galaxy S 4 feels tiny, and I also here when people are whispering about my phone, actually calling me “cheap”, because I have an Android! CHEAP! This phone cost me $300.00, and I don’t mean to say that people with iPhones are cheap, because my mom has one, and I also used to have one. I don’t get it, and in this blog post I am ranting, and ranting, and ranting! And you may notice I quote ‘The Joker’ from ‘The Dark Knight’ a lot, but hey lets do it one more time, “So here we go…”

Alright, first of all most if not everyone in most of my classes have seen the screen size of my phone, because I usually read on my phone during class, and also at the end of the day I take out my phone, and start using it. I still don’t get why most of my classmates, are still not getting used to it! It’s been 6 months you guys! Get over it! Okay, okay, I’m not that angry about that, I just wanna get to one rant because this pisses me off.

iPhones, as most of you know are considered ‘The Holy Grail’, but as I said earlier I’m not saying that iPhone users are cheap in any form, but people do whisper behind my back when they see my phone and start talking about it, but they call it one of many things that I don’t see why… I’m “cheap”, because I have a Android phone! WHAT!? Okay, I only confirmed this today, but I have had this suspicion for awhile. This is not a thing people should be saying, without thinking. And even if I am cheap, why do you care? If you are rich, and have money to spend everywhere, why should I be blamed? It pisses the living crap out of me! It’s so stupid! This is stupidest thing I have ever heard!

Anyways, let’s hear our new contributor, Dallas Henley (@DallasHenley) ranting on this article also.

Android users are known as the “People who can’t afford iPhone’s . Many people who now have iPhone’s  at what point of their life have had an Android phone. They will mock Android saying how it is so bad, and how poor we as a user are. Many people don’t realize that there are high-end android phones, and low-end phones. Many people who used to have an android, and now have an iPhone had low-end and older version of android. This is where we Android users gain our bad reputation.

At first glance my phone (Galaxy Note 2) it may look cheaper than an iPhone, but if we break it down it is not at all. I bought this phone for $350 with a brand new 2 year contract. After about a week I decided I wanted to have all my music and many movies on my phone, this is when I decided to go by a SD card ($50) for my new phone. Just because somebody has an android phone, doesn’t make them cheap. I still believe that high end android users are some of the smartest people I know. They understand the amount of power they have in their hands, and understand the many possibilities of their phone. I personally will try apps by downloading them before purchasing them. This may make me sound cheap but I don’t want to waste my money on an app, that I won’t use or that I won’t like. If I find out I enjoy the app I will gladly pay for it this may make me sound cheap but also does this seem like a smarter thing to do? We have a bad reputation that one day I hope will vanish.


4 thoughts on “Why are Android users considered “Cheap”?”

    1. Actually no, from AT&T, the Samsung Galaxy Note II was when we both bought it, $800.00 off contract. $300.00 2-year contract. At least here in the U.S.A. The iPhone is $650.00. All of these are the 16GB Model prices. $100.00 for each phone for double the storage in each one. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Okay thank you now I understand you are comparing the original prices from day one, that makes a lot more sense

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